Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 07 - The reason behind your blog name

I wish I could say that the name Divine Plea was chosen for some kind of lofty goal or reason.  In all honesty, it just seemed to be the last Paladin spell not claimed.

Blessing of Kings?  Taken.
Avenging Wrath?  Taken.
Righteous Defense?  Taken.

In the end I was left with Divine Plea, and it's worked.  I mean, really - who doesn't want a blog name with the initials DP?  I kind of makes you wonder about the talent to be honest, especially with my raid group.  For example, I would never - ever- say that I'm hitting the DP or taking DP.  Nooooo.  The only thing I say is "Pleaing" - and I'm sure that gets cut off at the pass by some vent lag and Monger just thinks I have a bladder problem.

I also really wish I had come up with Divine Plea because it was an amazingly overpowered talent.  20% healing reduction for a 25% mana bar return, on a 1 min CD?  I laugh at your mana problems.  At least it's had the duration reduced to 9 seconds.  It's so much easier to squeeze one in now - and I'm definately feeling the mana crunch on some of these heroics. 

So there it is - the secret behind Divine Plea.  I was so loate to the blogging party, it's all that was left. 

Oh, and Drunken Raid Leader was taken too.


  1. About your "Pleaing" comment while raiding on Vent....for the longest time I always thought you were saying "clean". The reason for this is you almost always say it during a low healing transition (for obvious reasons) or at a time when everything is going right. Since I thought you said clean I figured you were just commenting on the way a certain event was handled...so I let it be.

    about 1 month ago you finally said it on vent and it wasn't clipped by your keypress, and instead of sounding like "Peeing" or "clean" I head....PLEAING.

    "Vonkaiser has a moment of clarity"

    I actually /em'd that on heroic Magmaw while tanking him when I finally heard it cleary...just a funny little story.

  2. I only ever say anything becuase it lets Monger know that for 9 sec I may not be pumping out the same level of heals I normally do. I generally try to do nothing during those moments healing wise, that way I get the maximum out of those 9 seconds.

    Hmm - sounds like it's time for a mana post...


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