Thursday, April 7, 2011

LFD Call to Arms - I'm going to be rich

One of the disadvantages about living in Alaska and postng when I do is that by the time I get my hands on a piece of 'news', I'm the 7313712 blogger to comment on it.  Fortunately, I don't make a living on reporting breaking news in WoW - this is just my outlet to voice my opinons.  So here we go.

No Sympathy

I've said it before, but I have zero sympathy for anyone who complains about the LFD system que times.  None.  In fact, I think you're a baby just for bringing it up.  Forget the whole "in my day we had to buy our way into a run, and every Scholo was full on rogues" or that things were tougher or longer in Vanilla or BC.  They were just different.  The main difference being that back then you had to scour your guild, friends list, or the /genera/trade/LFG channels to find someone.  You had to run to your instance after taking a taxi, and maybe you'd be lucky enough to have a warlock (though you still needed 3 people to make it work). 

Now you just hit your LFD button and continue to do whatever it is you wanted to do.  I loved it on my Retadin.  I could continue to herb/mine/survey all across the land, and never worry that I wasn't going to get a group.  The only questons were WHEN would I get it, and how bad would they be.  If I really wanted a heroic I could hit up the guild I was in, or put forth the effort to get a group on my own.

But that's where the gear is!

Who gives a ratty-tat-tooy.  If you're trying to gear up to raid, then you should either be in a guild or looking for a group of folks who are also looking to raid and run heroics together.  Say more than 5 words when you get into your random.  I don't know.  Either way, it's not my problem.

Tanks have it the hardest

While this is partially true, I don't buy it completely.  Not putting out competitive DPS?  You'll find yourself LOLNOOBED right out of the dugeon.  Tank decides that facepulling every pack without CC is the way he wants to play?  See ya healer - you obviously suck (especially if you actually need to drink).  Let's be honest with ourselves.  The average LFD group could fit right into the Mos'Eisly cantina. 

I love savings the money

So with the new Call to Arms, which only activates if it detects that there aren't enough of a specific type of players looking (i.e. tanks, heals, lolDPS), how many tanks are actually going to WAIT until the Call to Arms pops up?  Why bother queing if it's down?  You know it'll come back in a few minutes, might as well make some extra money.  This also won't, in my estimation, draw the 359 guild tanks out of the woodwork and into the LFD.  Instead we're going to get FailtankLOLDK number 55.

The only way I see the 'good' tanks stepping back up is if the bags are so full of money and flasks that they never have to farm again.  That's the only possible way I think.  Plus I think in a few months we'll see all the raid mounts added to the stable.  After all, once I get my Deathcharger, why keep going?  Personally, I'd rather just farm Strat instead of dealing with the LFD.

More tank pressure

I think this system is also going to further widen the gulf in the LFD between the trinity.  Why should I worry about dispelling or CCing if I'm a DPS?  You're being PAID to tank this for me.  I expect more than I would get normally.  Or the poor new tank, who really honestly wants to be a tank and isn't just a DPSer in tank clothing.  That guy's life is about to become a living hell.

So, I think this is a terrible idea.  I'm going to milk it on all four tits to be sure, but I don't think thisis going to fix anything in the LFD.


  1. I'm with you. Solely tanking for the last some odd years I've grown accustomed to just explaining things during each dungeon and encounter, it's just "muscle memory" for me and if I was in a new game in unfamiliar territory I would appreciate the service in return. Now don't get me wrong I make my own judgments and assumptions when I enter the instance via LFD tool, but I keep them to myself or in the company of those on Vent with me :).

    I like you see this new addition to the LFD tool being a big problem, my first thought was:

    Joe DPS: Man...we have to wait all this time and the person we wait on gets more loot now???? I want that loot too. DAMNIT, I want the cake AND the ice cream.

    Soon this will either transition into everyone getting the loot bag or it going away all together because you are going to get the DPS or healer who think they are pulling the tank through the instance.

    What people need to realize is that all these items can be attained on your own...solo, so if you want em bad enough go farm em.

    This may be enough to drag me into 5 man heroics again but honestly it's not for the loot bag, but rather to see if I can match or pass my fully buffed HP in raids with Valor Points...I hit 11k this week...only 173k more to go.

    In closing...if you want the items from the bag bad enough....Roll a tank, novel's called being part of the solution, not the problem.

  2. I actually disagree. I think it is a good idea. However there are certain caveats as you mention. The major one as I see it is that you will get random dps queueing as tanks with sup-optimal gear and no idea how to tank. This could potentially be a major problem and I am not sure how Blizzard could work around it.

    However in principle I like the system. I for one would love to have a chance of getting that damn Raven Lord mount that has not dropped for me in 100+ runs of Sethek Halls. It provides an incentive for the player who does not need to run heroics. It could potentially entice better geared and skilled players into the LFD finder just to get the extra gold and mounts,pets etc.

    Time will tell but I think it is too early to slag it off.

  3. We're going to have to agree to disagree then Top. I don't see this working out well on live. Time will tell though, and if it does work out better - I'll gladly come here and say so.

    Of course Blizzard just upped the bounty - but that's today's blog post.


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