Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 14 - This upsets you

Ahh, finally a list of things that I can get my teeth into.  This list is certainly shorter than it would have been four or five years ago though, as what I let under my skin has really changed.  Of course I've got my wife completely convinced that I'm practicaly incapable of getting upset about anything short of really bad behavior towards her, or poor customer service.  Of course, she also refuses to play poker with me. 

So in no particular order, here's a list of things that upset me in WoW.

1) Not being respectful of other's time.  This is a big one for me, but it can stem from so many things.  No call/No Show to a raid.  Being unprepared.  Frequesnt AFKs.  Pretty much everything I ever had to deal with as an officer in a larger guild.  Now all I have to worry about is if one raider is out of town for something, and I think we've only had one last minute cancel since the release of Cata.

2) Getting camped.  Now, I'm the first guy to admit that I have no issue with popping a lowbie if I'm in the area.  Once.  Yeah, whoohoo gg lvl 85 mage who popped Icy Veins and TimeWarp.  You totally smoked my lvl 58 hunter self.  Whatever.  That doesn't bother me.  I get upset when they decide that my body is a National Forest, and they set up shop there. 

3) That guy in random BGs.  This guy doesn't upset me so much as just make me want to cry.  I'm talking about that person who doesn't try to coordinate, just says things like "FFS defend!" as he's running off to solo the mine against 3 people.  Or the guy who says "Damn, no healers again" as he's playing a warlock.  Of course he has a Season Nine Super Gladiator healer, and placed in the Arena tourney - this is just his alt on a friend's account.

4) Funky boss mechanics.  I'm not talking about strange things you have to do, I'm talking about things like Atramedes spawning his fire in P2 ON YOUR HEAD, as you're running.  You can't dodge that, or even gong it off.  Chimaeron double attacking and both hits landing in that 4% range that your MT has where it's a pure hit, not a parry/dodge/block/miss. 

5) Douchebags from your own faction.  I don't know why I expect people from my own faction to behave better than the enemy faction.  At least on a PvP server if someone decides to act like an idiot I can attempt to resolve the issue by melting their face off.  It's also typically Gnomes or DKs.  Or Gnome DKs. 

6) Worgen.  I hate the Worgen more than I hate gnomes.  I don't like their cast animations, attack animations (seriously, a summersault with a 2H axe?), sniffing, that running wild nonsense.  You can take the Goblins back too in my opinion.  I really hated the starting zone.  I think I liked the Exodar better.  Forget mourning the loss of Arcane Torrent, Worgen might nust be enough to keep me from faction changing if I ever have to find a new guild.

7) Wireless mice  This is only an issue if you forget to change your batteries before a raid.  Wiping us becuase your batteries died is grounds for a RL ass whipping.  Or at least a creepy late night visit from Lijah Cuu.

8) Losing a comment/post This is more for blogging.  I hate it when I lose a good rebuttle or post, just because I took a 5 hour break while writing it.

I think this is enough for now.  Day 15 is going to be really short, so I might roll that in with Day 16.

I might also have a real content post now that 4.1 has gone live.  Time to play with Mastery some more I guess.

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