Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 02 - Why I decided to start blogging

Ah ha!  It's day two, though as Terpinator pointed out so candidly to me last night - I really fail at the whole 'challenge' thing.  So now I'm challenged to stay awake for 2000 hours.  Though not all at once, or individually if I can get my guild to participate. 

Why I started blogging

It's pretty simple to be honest, I like to talk.  Ask Hydra from the Twisted Nether Blogcast - I was chatting up a storm on their show.  I think I'd really like to find a permenant 'guest' spot somewhere.

Back to the blogging. 

Back when I started, I was in a 25m guild doing Ulduar and Naxx.  It wasn't fancy, but I had found myself (repeatedly) writing strats, answering questions about the different classes, guild rules, etc.  So I thought hey - I read a lot of blogs, how hard can it be?  The truth is, it's easy - to get started.  Keeping a regular post schedule is a little tougher though.

The other reason I wanted to start weighing in with my own voice is I saw so many blog posts that were just - wrong.  Or they weren't focused on the heroic end game, but how to gear your starting Paladin.  Sure that's interesting, but I really want to know if that extra .05% haste is worth giving up .02% crit and 50 Spirit.  Those are tough decisions that need more than a "Stack spirit till you die" response.

Why I keep blogging

I enjoy it.  I don't have the writing flair that some do (looking at you Toby), or the graphical style to make it look good - but there's something about writing that actually just 'feels' good.  Who knows.  Maybe it just eats up time at work and that's why I like it.


  1. I just listened to your guest episode podcast and it was the first time I had listened to the Twisting Nether. Good stuff. You'd do a good job at podcasting - you have a lot of interesting things to say even when you talk about mystery citrus.

  2. Thanks - It's something I've thought about doing - but to be honest I wouldn't know where to start. Probably by contacting Hydra or one of the other big podcasters to get some tips.


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