Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 03 - My first day playing WoW

I think it was a Friday.  My buddy Mini had come up to Alaska to visit, and we were looking for a new game to try out.  We'd done a lot of Neverwinter Nights, Starcraft, and Diablo - but we needed something fresh.  We'd played Warcraft as a RTS, and there was this new game on the market called "World of Warcraft".  It looked pretty amazing, so we grabbed a couple of copies and loadeded it up.

What a bunch of noobs

So while I don't have my /played or account info in front of me, I'm pretty sure that we started around March in 2005.  I know it was early enough in Vanilla that Scholo and Strat were raids, UBRS was 15 man, and it might have even been before BWL was opened.  Of course, I didn't know what BWL was, what a raid was, or really anything.

What I did know was that I wanted to play a Paladin.  They looked amazing, and I've always enjoyed the Paladin in DND and Diablo II, just without the Lawful Good.  I think this lasted a few days, and then I ditched the Paladin and it took the end of BC to bring me back to it. 

My biggest noob memory

While this wasn't on day one, this is my biggest noob moment from the starting days.  I had rolled a NE rogue and was trying to get from Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms so that Mini (who was a dwarf hunter) and I could level together.  I had no idea that there was a boat in Darkshore, so I started running across the continent thinking the ships would be on the Eastern shores.  Fortunately a kind soul took mercy on me and got me running in the right direction.  /facepalm


  1. On my first day, I got as far as Goldshire, and went in the inn. Not realising that you could sit on the chairs, I ended up sitting on the floor by the fire.
    Some other newbie came into the inn, asking where they could find a trainer. Not having a clue, but making a wild guess, I suggested they go to Stormforge, as it probably had them there.

  2. On my first day I died a bazillion times to friggin quillboars on a tauren shaman. I had to roll on Emerald Dream I think it was because Vonkaiser's server was full at the time.


  3. It is amazing how much bigger the game felt back then. There's this nostalgic feeling about it for me, but I know it's just because it was new. Hellfire and Borean Tundra were the same - so was Hyjal. Now they're just zones I pass through.


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