Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 11 - Bad habits and flaws

Oh man, talk about looking deep at yourself.  Are my future employers going to be looking at this?  I hope not.  I have a few bad habits that stick out, and I used to have a few more that I've curtailed over time.

1) Drunken raid leading.  I haven't done this in a few years now, but oh man was I ever "that guy".  I'd drink a pint of scotch and MT my way through Vanilla and BC content just screaming up a storm.  Whoo - bad nights.

2) Taking over raids.  I've got a strong personality, and one thing I can't abide is weak leadership.  I've helped hijack more than one raid/guild, simply becuase the leadership was weak.

3) Stressing over the game.  I spend a lot of free time thinking about WoW, the guild, raids, etc.  I do a ton of napkin math and pouring over logs.  It's good, except it takes away from other things.

4) Using CDs.  I'm working on it, but my cooldown usage still isn't perfect.

That's the big ones - though I'm sure others would point out more.

Up next - A usual online day.

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